Welcome to the new Sodhis.net

A new look, and a new host, not to mention a brand new CMS (Content Management System). Stay tuned for updates and additions to this front.

4 responses to “Welcome to the new Sodhis.net

  1. Appreciatable start for get together of our big Sodhi family tree headed by Dhan Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj.We are all one as our source is same, blood is same & greatness/fineness as well as inspiratoin is right on top. Let’s keep that up & may Satguru Ram Das bless us all.

  2. I would just add a few words from Guru Granth Sahib quoted in Sate- Balvaday De Vaar in praise of Guru Ram Das Ji : DHAN DHAN RAM DAS GUR JIN SARAY TINY SAVARAY ; PURI HOYI KARAMAT AAP SIRJIN HARAY DHARAY SIKHI ATAY SANGATI PARBHARM KAR NAMSKARYA . So our Head is compared with Almighy God & so was HE .

  3. sidakh

    why did u change it but it is very nice indeed

  4. sidakh

    the 1st one was better cause it had more colours nd pita ji photo

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