Back after some downtime

This site has been down for nearly a year as I tried to get my head around VPS and Home ESXi Servers. This domain has long been my scratchpad on which to try new and novel ideas.

Finally, I am back online with the new and improved It is now being served up from my closet in Florida. In order to give some semblance to the number of sites that I host now, I’ve switched them by purpose and audience.

My dearest father, JDS Sodhi’s website is now hosted at

Harbhajan Singh Sodhi’s (my grandfather) site can now be found at

Please adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

Site migration complete

The Sodhi sites are back online. We’ve migrated to a new provider and exciting things are planned.

  • A fully redesigned and relaunched JDS Sodhi’s website.
  • A fully redesigned and relaunched Sodhi Harbhajan Singh jee’s website
  • Many more updates.

Please note that JDS Sodhi’s website can be now reached at

Chandigarh College of Architecture Golden Jubilee pictures added

Jas Desh Singh Sodhi recently attended the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of one of the nations prestigious Architectural colleges,  Chandigarh College of Architecture or CCA in Chandigarh, India. JDS Sodhi, our father studied here from 1964 – 1969, and his site has been updated with an additional shot of nostalgia – more high quality, scanned pictures of his friends and of his fun college life back in the ’60s.

Jas Desh Singh Sodhi with his friends 1964-69

Some impressions of the 50th anniversary of CCA have also been uploaded. As always feel free to contact him at [email protected] with any comments or impressions.

Golden Jubilee celebrations of CCA, October 2011

Welcome to the new

A new look, and a new host, not to mention a brand new CMS (Content Management System). Stay tuned for updates and additions to this front.