Happy 110th Birthday – our revered ‘Pita Jee’

Sodhi Har Bhajan Singh
Sodhi Har Bhajan Singh

Happy 110th Birthday ‘Pita Jee’

June 4, 1913

[ A world-renowned and most quoted by top intellectuals, 12th direct Descendent of the 4th Guru Ram Das Jee ]

A Military officer by profession.
Immortals also shed their mortal bodies like others but an Immortal leaves behind such a rich Legacy that not only his coming generations but Humanity at large cherishes and benefits from the Wisdom left by him through his monumental multifaceted Practical and philosophical Works, Writings, etc., which stand testimony to his boundless immortality.

Following are a few of his Authored Monumental Works which are full of boundless Wisdom based on his personal Practical Experiences which have been highly appreciated around the world for the Originality and Contents –

  1. Bhajan Bandagi Da Partap ‘ (10 Editions)
    • Punjabi – Original
    • Hindi. – Translation
    • English version under the title ‘Glory of Meditation‘ is under print.
  2. Sabhibzadiyan Bare Sapshtikaran
  3. Guru Ans da Itihass & Guru Ram Das Jee Maharaj da Parivar
  4. Bansawali No., 1
  5. Bansawali No., 2
  6. Baba Vasawa Singh Jee Shahid da Hariya Barhiya Bagh – Jallupur Khairah – Distt., Amritsar
  7. Sri Guru Ram Das Jee Maharaj da Vans ‘

etc., etc.

Contact :-

Sodhi JASH Desh Singh ( Youngest Son )
H – 51 / A, New Delhi – 110017
[email protected]
+91 98181 30441

Chandigarh College of Architecture Golden Jubilee pictures added

Jas Desh Singh Sodhi recently attended the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of one of the nations prestigious Architectural colleges,  Chandigarh College of Architecture or CCA in Chandigarh, India. JDS Sodhi, our father studied here from 1964 – 1969, and his site has been updated with an additional shot of nostalgia – more high quality, scanned pictures of his friends and of his fun college life back in the ’60s.

Jas Desh Singh Sodhi with his friends 1964-69

Some impressions of the 50th anniversary of CCA have also been uploaded. As always feel free to contact him at [email protected] with any comments or impressions.

Golden Jubilee celebrations of CCA, October 2011

Sodhi Harbhajan Singh ji – Bhajan bandagi da Pratap

Our revered Grandfather’s site is now online. This website is our humble effort to spread the wisdom and the immense insight on Sikhism and life, as imparted by our respected father, in his book “Bhajan Bandagi da Pratap – Glory of Meditation”.

Please feel free to contact us (via contact details on the site) for any information on where to procure a copy.