Sodhi Harbhajan Singh ji – Bhajan bandagi da Pratap

Our revered Grandfather’s site is now online. This website is our humble effort to spread the wisdom and the immense insight on Sikhism and life, as imparted by our respected father, in his book “Bhajan Bandagi da Pratap – Glory of Meditation”.

Please feel free to contact us (via contact details on the site) for any information on where to procure a copy.

13 responses to “Sodhi Harbhajan Singh ji – Bhajan bandagi da Pratap

  1. Gursangeet Singh

    My mother heard about the book from katha of bhai Guriqbal singh about story of muslim kaji who put pics of GGS ji.I searched about the book on net from which I got number of S Jasdesh Singh whom i ordered the book . I am still reading.
    Its Amazing book , You people r very lucky to b part of family of great soul.
    How Great Sikh,s were at that times real Khalsas. I wish i belonged to that period.

    Yesterday only Sodhi saab told me about this book is translated into English its great news and congrats to team who did the great job.
    I wish to be part of ur website and want to learn lot to achieve actual goal of life.
    books like this played great role.
    I have read books of Bhai Raghbir Bir and also admire Panth Ratan Sant Singh
    Maskeen Saab.
    With this I wind up and once Again Congratulation for website as well as translation.
    I Request all the visitors to read this book atleast once which can answer the questions and doubts about Sikhism.
    Wahgeguru Ji Ka Khalsa Sri Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

  2. Manpreet Kour

    i have read ist version of this book when i was only eighteen years old. The book is reality in every aspect and i spoke to sodhi sahib’s son who is retired naval officer. Thanguru he told me that everything written in book is 100% truth and i believe . I am personally waiting for Guruji to take mercy on me. I suggest all Sikhs to read and believe this book. GURU FATEH.

  3. Indervir Kaur

    I am not criticizing this book.I read shabads from this book with sikh maryada.But still I am suffering.I lost my father when I was kid.Now only after 7 monthes of marriage I lost my husband whom I admire.

    • Sandeep Chahal

      ਹੁਕਮੀ ਹੁਕਮੁ ਚਲਾਏ ਰਾਹੁ II
      ਨਾਨਕ ਵਿਗਸੈ ਵੇਪਰਵਾਹੁ ॥੩॥

      Please recite and meditate on these lines of Guru Nanak which are at the end of 3rd Pauri of the Japuji Sahib, as much as you can. Please pause when you saying Guru Nanak’s name in these lines and say in a tone as you will call your dearest friend for help. Guru Nanak will help for sure. These are magical words of Guru Nanak for every thing which you desire because “Dhan Guru Nanak Tu He Nirankar”

    • Harpreet singh hora

      My Dear Sister,
      i read your story, its quite sad but my dear sister, only almighty Waheguru can change your fate, i suggest you to please live in Waheguru’s “Bhana” and continuously read Sukhmani Sahib daily, and then you will get what you want

      Your Brother
      Harpreet Singh

  4. Mangal Deep Singh

    Hi, I am Managl Deep Singh from Ludhiana. i have read your hooly book BHAJAN BANDGI DA PARTAP. In this book i have read about the colour scheme, which are related with the human being, i would like to know more about this scheme. tell me how can i know about this scheme.

    • Gursangeet Singh

      Mangaldeep Singh ji , u will get the knowledge about colours from holy guru granth sahib & i have collection of kathas of Sant Singh Maskeen ji in which he has done wonderful viakhya……..u can contact via mail

  5. parmjit kaur

    sat sri akal jee,

    please can anyone let me know where to buy this book in punjabi,

    i will be very grateful for your help.


  6. harvinder

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki Fateh

    Khalsa ji, I am looking for the famous book “Bhajan Bandgi da Pratap – By Sh. Harbhajan singh Sodhi”.
    Please help me, from where and how can I get this Book.

  7. tejinder kaur

    I believe in Gurbani plz show me the right path for progress in my business

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